Some Poems

some things about some of the poems I have put up:

The 29

Basically, strangest 45 minutes of your life between Tottenham Court Road and Green Lanes. There is something about public transport that equalizes people. The other day I saw a man in a business suit passing on his Anthony Robbins book to a more simply-dressed woman next to him, who seemed very excited to read it. He told her, don’t trust everything it says. Then he asked her if she’s seen Shallow Hal. But that was on the tube, not the 29.

The Hokkien Mee Poem

To those who don’t know what Hokkien Mee is, I feel sorry for you. For those of you who do and have taken more than two pictures of Hokkien Mee in your life and put them on your facebook, alongside everything else you have eaten since the digital camera was invented, I feel even sorrier for you. Kind of a long ranty eye-roll at Singaporeans who are obsessed with food (yes I know someone called it our National Pasttime but they were being ironic! Realise this!). I enjoy Hokkien Mee as much as the next person but I just don’t believe in being passionate about noodles at the expense of everything else. I performed this in a roomful  of Resorts World employees but they were not offended at the idea of Resorts World being flooded.



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