A Certain Sort of Hunger

Photo: Nabila & I as banana tree spirits arguing over the last banana tree left in Singapore, Donna-Mae Therese

A Certain Sort of Hunger was the brainchild of Tania De Rozario, artist/poet/amazing human who wanted to put on a spoken word show exploring the links between popular local female ghost myths and gender, and why the hell most famous and most feared ghosts in Asia seem to be female. It was put on through the Etiquette SG collective, an arts collective  that encourages and produces work focussed on gender. The show consisted of Tania, me, Ad Mauloud (who did a Sociology Masters in Singaporean pontianak mythology & its intersections with class/race/gender), Nabila Husna & artist Dana Lam.

What resulted was an hour-long show at the Singapore Art Museum’s Glass House, complete with a real live (dying) banana tree (thanks to my mother’s ingenuity).We had the idea we would talk about pontianaks, hungry ghosts, Sundel Bulong (translates into The Whole With the Hole in her Gut), witches (or at least my minor interactions with them), demonic possession, exorcism, makcik keropok, orang minyak, and also, selfies, feminist activists at the wrong kind of Planned Parenthood conferences, twitter and other kinds of social media.

the whole team: L-R : Raksha, Dana, Nabila, Tania, Me, Ad, Donna-Mae Therese

The readings that night offered an interesting insight into the humanity that these female ghosts could perhaps have had, that we are quick to forget and wrongly assume,” — review by Kareyst Lim in Poached Mag

“thoroughly enjoyed the reading! It was humorous, and very new to me a number of ways.”
–Bianca Tham, blog post ‘The Female Ghost’ in Pulau Ujong blog

pontianaks & me as a distraught feminist activist at a Planned Parenthood event (yes really), Donna-Mae Therese



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