Past Projects

Foreigner Go Home (With Me!): One Woman Show 

one-woman spoken word show that premiered at the Edinburgh Free Fringe 2012 (part of PBH Free Fringe), then I wrote a new version and took it to the Fringe again in 2013.

First version: about moving to London and trying to make sense of the fact that London basically used to own the island I came from, and how the leaders who negotiated for independence all studied in London too so much elitist post-colonial angst, such wow, but also about my discovery of radical politics and squatting and trying to be useful in the London student anti-student fee demonstrations of 2010.

 Second version:  when I was five I went to this big shopping mall in Singapore where a boy fell off the escalator and killed himself and I have been trying to figure what happened ever since. The journey led me to a strange terrible elitist junior college, then bonfires in America, then drunk bicycle rides with boys between squats in the UK. [I like this version better]

Mass Hysteria & Mass Hysteria Relapsed

A few weeks after I moved back to Singapore in 2013 I got asked if I wanted to help write and perform in a show about going to convent schools/all-girls schools in Singapore, with a bunch of other queer women. This was basically my childhood dream come true. We performed it to a full house as part of the Singapunk Biennale and performed it again in August 2014 as part of Indignation 2014, Singapore’s independent queer festival.


Devised with the Sekaliwags for The Lit-Up Festival 2014, Singapore’s indie arts/spoken word festival. The theme was equator so obviously we had to do a satire of a kids’ national education show with a time machine and lots of sound effects, singing, dancing and gratuitous amounts of violence. Great audience response. It was here that I discovered that I do not actually know how to dance, even comedically.

A Certain Sort of Hunger

Created with EtiquetteSG, a Singapore  artists’ collective, this show was a collaborative effort between artist/poet/cool person Tania De Rozario (founder of Etiquette SG), Nabila Husna, Ad Mauloud, Dana Lam and myself, focussing on stories about female ghosts in Singapore, and links to what they tell us about our own beliefs about female sexuality, class, race, the role and control of women in society, queerness, etc.


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