Roadkill for Beginners

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Roadkill for Beginners is my debut poetry collection, published by Math Paper Press and launched  in March 2019. It’s part scrapbook of love letters to places, part field guide to the people in them. It’s a messy celebration of open mics, bonfires, and poetry stages around the world, the connections that grow up around them and the adventures that happen after. It explores desire, moving, belonging, and everything in between. It’s got apocalyptic hawker centres, magical night bus rides, and hungry turkey vultures. It’s about growing up, and not. For you, it hopes to feel like the lyrical equivalent of spooning in strange buildings then flying at full speed down a steep empty road on a bike at two in the morning.  

Now available at Books Kinokuniya, Books Actually and the Books Actually website 

“Roadkill for Beginners is Stephanie Chan’s (Steph Dogfoot) long-awaited masterpiece. Already a seasoned veteran of the spoken word scene, her new collection stems largely from her experiences in the UK and the US, and blends her candid conversations and relationships with women and men abroad, all the while keeping a keen reflective eye on Singapore. It is a study of foreigness at its finest and how one can be so occupied in a strange land and yet miss home in small ways. Even if that is not your thing, pick up this book for Steph’s acerbic wit that is a blend of punk poetics, spoken word sentiments and a genenuine love for life.”
–Crispin Rodrigues, poet, author and educator 

“Stephanie Dogfoot was one of the first spoken word poets from Singapore who inspired me- with her quirky declarations and inimitable voice. She digs deep into herself for the details of her making and tells us what is found. These written words gave me goosebumps. The same words performed have made me laugh too loud. 
I have not come across another poet like her. This is quite an unusual occurrence in the mimic-heavy world of performance poetry; to find someone with such intimate, weird, and relentlessly honest images which nobody else will ever perform the right way.”
Deborah Emmanuel, multidisciplinary artist, educator, two-time TEDx speaker 

“Roadkill for Beginners isn’t just a kickass spoken word collection; it’s a vital memoir that charts the path of a queer cosmopolitan Singaporean, shifting from city to city, caught between culture wars and radical politics, finding herself, discovering her own voice.”
–Ng Yi-Sheng, author, playwright, activist, Singapore Literature Prize Winner (Poetry) 2008

“A wry, heartfelt collection that hides its vulnerability beneath a sardonic exterior. Whether dissecting her schooldays in Singapore or her adventures abroad, Stephanie Dogfoot remains clear-eyed and quick-witted as she lays bare the beauty and ridiculousness of human existence, sparing no one including herself. An irresistible debut.”
— Jeremy Tiang, author, translater Singapore Literature Prize Winner (Fiction) 2018

“Steph Dogfoot’s deadpan punchlines and matter-of-fact delivery belie her insight into everyday experiences, crafted carefully through poems that don’t just perform but leap from the stage into your pint of beer.”
–Marc Nair, Young Artist Award winner 2016, two-time Singapore Poetry Slam champion

my first impression of the book is that it’s a strange mix of a documentary about places I will probably never understand or visit, and something that reminds me of my childhood….. also, the cover looks like a close-up of that place in Iceland with the boiling mud that smells like a fart from Hell….”
–Michael Dyst, Danish poetry slam champion

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