Print Journals/Anthologies:

[maybe one day I’ll set up an online store, in the mean time, contact me to get one!]

  • Foreigner Go Home (With Me!): The Zine! (2012) [poetry]
  • Where are My Starshoes? (2013) [poetry]
  • Rude! (with the Sekaliwags) (2014) [poetry]
  • Rawr: Flight of The Children (with Marylyn Tan) (2014) [poetry]
  • Don’t Swing that Way (with the Sekaliwags) (2015) [poetry]
  • And Heaven Is A Place Where You Can Never Find Your Cigarettes (2016) [poetry]
  • We Didn’t Know Where to Put Our Feet (2017) [school-friendly poetry!]
  • Tell it Like a Comeback Story (2018) [creative non-fiction]

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