2018 in Cool Things

Some epic things i had the honour of being a part of in 2018. So much thanks to the incredible humans I met for the first time/worked with/collaborated with/laughed with/partied with/connected with/reconnected with/who otherwise who made it happen

  1. Siao Char Bors Comedy – fulfilled a dream with Marie Wong creating a kickass monthly stand up comedy open mic which aims to put women & queer folks at the front and centre. Managed to garner maybe one of the coolest comedy audiences in Singapore. Survived a bunch of venue changes and got a bunch of amazing women from around the world to feature, including Dana Alexander, Jocelyn Chia, Thato Mabelane, Tyng Lim & Hannan Azlan. Stay tuned for more info on our next show on January 31st ft. Sharul Channa!
  2. George Town Literary Festival – the most beautiful and hopeful literary festival i’ve ever been to.Met a whole bunch of beautiful writers, game designers and activists, spoke on panels, performed new poems about sex in a packed attic of a bookstore, judged Malaysia’s first national poetry slam, probably got dehydrated for all the running around and talking, and drank beer with fluffy dogs & humans in a alleyway. Thank you Melizarani Selva for getting me there.
  3. Magners International Comedy Competition – I’m not usually a fan of competitions but signed up anyway because what’s the worst that could happen & because I thought I was kind of funny and deserved a place in the contest and ended up coming in 2nd runner up in the Singapore heats, which was honestly pretty thrilling.

  4. 32 hours at the Edinburgh Fringe – my first free fringe in five years was a mixture of meeting new friends, old friends, intense nostalgia,  5 shows over 2 days, but mostly sprinting up and down cobblestone hills between shows for two days. Crashed at 4AM in a roomful of comics and woke up to cry at 10AM at Antosh Wojcik’s spoken word drum show How To Keep Time. Thanks to Ollie Horn and Aidan Killian for taking a chance on my comedy, and thank you to Fay Roberts and your undying passion for giving me a spot at Other Voices! Then jumped on a bus to Leicester for
  5. Shambala Festival – my first music festival since 2015, and my probably favourite festival of all time. And the coldest but we lived. Glitter, sequins, mud, bonfires, and secret forests. Got invited to perform at the gorgeous Phantom Laundry tent. Ran into old friends and made some new ones. Performed alongside and ran around with badass poets like Erin Fornoff, Laurie Bolger , Jasmine Gardosi and Alex Calver. At some point John Agard kissed me on the cheek and told me to say hi to Kirpal Singh.
  6. StoryFest – told a story about my first squat eviction at the Singapore showcase of the annual storytelling festival and people liked it!
  7. Note for Note – Collaborated with the supremely talented and adorable musician, Zee Aura, whom I had only met once for the first time and it was bloody epic. I know very little about music but we ended up inventing genres like Chinese Space Music and Evil Music and Sound of Stir Fry.

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  1. The Mollusc Dimension

    Keep up the awesome work!

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