and the best part of coming back to Singapore is……ASIAN WOMEN

….. I mean, aside from not being the only one in the room/poetry night any more…..being part of AN ENTIRE POETRY COLLECTIVE OF THEM.

This year I was inducted into a crazy, amazing and what I think I can safely say is the ONLY ALL-WOMEN spoken word troupe in Singapore: THE SEKALIWAGS. And we have a show this Sunday, 6 April at 8PM-9PM at the Arts House.

Pronounced ‘suh’-‘kha’-‘lee’, they (we!) derive the name from the word ‘SEKALI’ [Malay word for ‘suddenly’] AND ‘WAGS’ [the English word for movement a thing makes when it goes from side to side…see also, tongues, tails. the dog].

SEKALIWAGS was set up in 2013 as part of the Lit-Up 2013, a Singapore spoken word and indie arts festival. Last year they performed a half-hour set as part of the festival headline show SHE WALKS LIKE A FREE COUNTRY (is this not the most amazing name for a show ever) in conjunction with spoken word poets from Kuala Lumpur (international poetry collaborations ftw) and consists of  four amazing Singapore poets who are blazing a trail in the local spoken word scene:

  • Nabilah Husna—sardonic feminist, honorary Londoner, co-founded Singapore’s funkiest poetry/open mic night Destination:INK
  • Raksha Mahtani-–queer activist, forum theatre organizer, irreverent, mindblowing, first person to stage a play on a Melbourne tram
  • Jennifer Ann Champion—improv comedian, artist, actress, educator, dynamic performer, breathtaking writer, started performing poetry in 2013
  • Victoria Lim—2013 National Slam Champion, winner of the Golden Point Award for Poetry 2013, started performing poetry in 2013

…..and myself.

So for the past months I have been writing and planning for this show called RUDE (SIOL!) my first show with them, its my first time part of a spoken word collective  (in this life anyway) and its been a wild ride. The show will be part of the Arts House (former Old Parliament House) 10th Anniversary Celebrations, a weekend of free events. And yes it will be free. But come early to avoid disappointment.



and IN CASE you’re not convinced, here are some videos in just to show how awesome they are (here’s to hoping i don’t detract from the overall experience…)




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