Three of my poems are going to be in an anthology of Singapore women writers called BODY BOUNDARIES– the Etiquette Anthology Volume 1. Its been two years in the making,  being published by the Literary Centre, and produced by this great woman-centred art collective/platform/showcase called Etiquette SG which is run by the inspiring artist & writer Tania de Rozario.

it also features many inspiring writers such as Ovidia Yu, Jaclyn Chan and JY Yang.


The launch is tomorrow at:
The Play Den
the Arts House at the Old Parliament House
1 Old Parliament Lane
Singapore 179429

here is a description:

Because our history has been limited by frameworks of inequality and privilege.Because our stories speak of the good, sometimes the bad, but never the reality in between. Because everything women write does not have to fit into genres of feminine or feminist. Because bodies are boundaries. No, because they are not. Because being and becoming woman is never the same for any two individuals. Because our voices are many…

Body Boundaries is an anthology of words by twenty-seven woman women writers from Singapore. Comprising works of poetry and prose, the collection breaks down barriers between public and private, personal and political, to reveal both collective and diverse experiences threaded together and defied by identity markers of gender and geography.

…oh all right heres the facebook event details

but if you can’t make it to that you can get the book at Books Actually.

but if you’re not in Singapore anyway, have a look at this which was my poem that i wrote and performed for International Women’s Day in Singapore 2014, at Speakers Corner in Hong Lim Park, an AMAZING rally/day out for gender equality & great people organized and filmed by Action for Women’s Education and Research (AWARE). A really powerful gathering of women’s organizations and friends, with speeches by survivors and activists, a procession, chants and belly-casts and a candlelight vigil.


[spoiler: the first comment describes it as ‘horrible’ SUCH CONTROVERSY.]

*if you’re interested in this particular style MAXIMALISM, it was invented by some Australian performance poets, one of whom was Australia’s Nimbin Poetry Slam World Cup Champion 2013/all-round poetry legend Scott Wings who introduced it to poetry stages in Singapore in January 2014. It basically involves saying stupid things really loud in a monotone and can be used for a variety of topics. Here are two more examples of this genre performed by Scott on MISOGYNY and WHY IS THERE NO WIKIPEDIA ENTRY FOR MAXIMALISM and maybe this might help you understand it better than me.

….and finally, a really cool/cute recap of the Queer London Zine Fest 2014 with The Interactive Monster Unit. My friend Squid designed the cover of my chapbook Where Are My Starshoes so got to sit at the Cool Table & flog my book with him & other Interactive Monsters.


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