oh yeah and another thing

So I am i currently working my arse off for this freaking amazing production called Mass Hysteria, a spoken word show with 7 incredible talented women. Its on 23RD JANUARY THIS THURSDAY at the Substation an part of the Singapore Biennale. One night only, $15 per ticket. Its all about growing up in girls’ schools … Continue reading oh yeah and another thing

2013 The Year of All The Things

Here are 13 really, really,mindblowingly Nice Things to do with Poetry that I was blessed/lucky/privileged/deserved to be/really really fucking glad to be part of in 2013: [in┬ásemi-chronological order wherever possible] [massive massive thank you to everyone who remembers and/or was part of any of the following and for making it great] 1. Featured at the … Continue reading 2013 The Year of All The Things