and hello again Edinburgh

it is day 3 of the Edinburgh Free Fringe Festival and I am back with a new version of my show Foreigner Go Home (With Me!) starting tomorrow until 10 August. You should see it if you are here. Its poetry about moving from Singapore to Ohio to London, and the people i’ve met along the way. With some singing of an anthem, a rugby drinking song and a national day song. This is what the flyer looks like:


And here is a recommendation from THE LIST magazine that calls it one of the top 5 spoken word shows on the Fringe!!!

Also, hosting FORGET WHAT YOU HEARD (ABOUT SPOKEN WORD) with Matt Cummins at Cowgatehead from 3-11 August.  Basically, same format, & hopefully simillar amount of warmth & laughter & hugs as our London show.  We are gathering poets with shows on the Fringe to do sets and there is an open mic as well. Only 3 days in and it feels like its getting better exponentially each night, with Also, really honoured to be a cast member at Fay Roberts’ Other Voices Alternative Spoken Word Cabaret in the Banshee Labyrinth which I did last year, featuring some of the best female & other under-heard voices in the Fringe: poetry, comedy, storytelling. etc. With roses everywhere. I am staying in a flat full of poets with shows on the Fringe. Most of whom seem to be vegetarian Currently co-host Matt Cummins is playing an intricate cardgame called Net Runner with Dan Simpson and Dominic Berry. Edinburgh the second time around seems a lot friendlier, a bit like a sequel to the first year with the same characters and settings but a brand new story: now I know my way around, I know good people, recognize people even if I can’t remember from where. Somewhat less scary & stressful but no less busy. Only now I know what’s worth getting stressed about.

For more free spoken word shows on the fringe (will put up recommendations soon. maybe. hopefully), look to this

….and if you are not at Edinburgh, you can still be exposed to my face because apparently some new videos of myself have surfaced…. two thanks to Douglas Vieras, Brazilian filmmaker dude who was at the Paris World Cup slam & Jazz8 Romanian poet/rapper who suggested a cypher, the last thanks to Glastonbury Poetry and Words team…..


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