we have a podcast!


So my incredible co-host Matt Cummins has made a podcast for our night Forget What You Heard About Spoken Word. He just finished the March edition yesterday. Its got poems by Charlie Dupré, David Lee Morgan, Samantha Chong, and the features Bridget Minamore, Amy Leon and James Milton. Relive the magic. Or, imagine the magic if you weren’t there. Anyway, check it out*!

*yes, I realise ‘Check it out’ is a weird stupid-sounding American phrase/cliche I always feel weird using and would never say in real life. But then I realised I used to use the phrase ‘have a listen’ which actually an even more stupid-sounding pseudo-Anglicised overly-polite term NO ONE uses in real life NOT EVEN IN THE UK.

I’ll think up something better and get back to you. But you get the gist…just LISTEN TO IT. It will make you happy. Matt is Amazing.