ooh, look, another review (of sorts)! and more excitement!

here is a review of the Poetry Olympics back in July, a ridiculously large but amazing Slam involving poets of different nationalities/with grandparents from Elsewhere, hosted by the great Cat Brogan at the Theatre Delicatessen in Marylebone.

Apparently a Reviewer was there and had good things to say about my piece, ‘Food Should Be an Outdoor Activity (aka Asian People Eat A Lot of Weird Crap). See the poem here.

the review: http://sabotagereviews.com/2012/09/21/poetry-olympics-word-games-170712/

New things I’m getting stuck into include this Temporary Autonomous Arts event on October 31st and a new London Queer Social Centre on October 13th. Possibly performing and getting other poets in. Let me/them/us know if you’d like to get involved as well.

Finally, I had the great privilege of meeting this truly inspiring American performance artist/comedian/activist Kristina Wong at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival when I saw her show Going Green the Wong Way, which was possibly one of the best experiences (not show, experience) ever. She paid me the honour of seeing my show, and we ran into each other randomly in a strange bar on the last night. Anyway, I just went to look at her website and its also an Experience. I think you should check her out.


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