End of summer, start of awesomeness….

hello world, still alive! just back from Edinburgh which was a massive mindfuck, in other words a hugely amazing/learning/inspiring/growing experience. I got twitter (in spite of my best intentions) because I was told it would be useful, performed 9 gigs and 6 shows, gave out too many flyers (but not enough?) in the rain, carried around a  massive sign saying ‘LOOK AT MY MASSIVE SIGN’ from the South of England to Edinburgh, around the city, to a forest, to the Waveform festival and back again, made people smile. More importantly, met an amazing number of inspiring poets and performers, many feminists, and realised I want to take this poetry thing more seriously. Also, got to be part of a sweet all-female spoken word cabaret Other Voices arranged by Fay Roberts of Cambridge Hammer and Tongue fame.

Oh yeah, and got reviewed…only 3 stars but they said I was  ‘compelling’ and ‘a very clever lady’ (er…).

Here’s the Review by Broadway Baby: http://www.broadwaybaby.com/listing.php?id=16441 

Came back in time for the Hammer and Tongue Hackney Final where I was the only woman up against 5 guys. Came in 2nd runner up, but it was one of the most fun slams I’ve been to, and all the other poets there were pretty much mind-blowing and it was an honour to perform against Lionheart, David Lee Morgan, Richard Purnell, Curious, and Gilbert Francois. Felt almost like a reunion of friends (yes thats a terrible phrase but this is not my computer). 



1 thought on “End of summer, start of awesomeness….

  1. awesome! I love “LOOK AT MY MASSIVE SIGN”. How can you take this poetry thing more seriously? i think you should be poet laureate. KEEP PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES DOGFOOT! 😀 X

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