i’ve been quite lousy letting people know of my whereabouts, so here are some of them from the near future…. September 21st, Friday—  8PM  Haringay Migrant Support Centre Fundraiser, John Vianney Church Hall 86 West Green Road, N15 3QL  [my first gig in a chuch! MY CHURCH! and in Harringay!] September 22nd, Saturday— 2PM (ish) Slutwalk 2012  Rally, Trafalgar … Continue reading ComingUp/UpComing….

End of summer, start of awesomeness….

hello world, still alive! just back from Edinburgh which was a massive mindfuck, in other words a hugely amazing/learning/inspiring/growing experience. I got twitter (in spite of my best intentions) because I was told it would be useful, performed 9 gigs and 6 shows, gave out too many flyers (but not enough?) in the rain, carried … Continue reading End of summer, start of awesomeness….