i’ve been quite lousy letting people know of my whereabouts, so here are some of them from the near future….

September 21st, Friday—  8PM  Haringay Migrant Support Centre Fundraiser, John Vianney Church Hall 86 West Green Road, N15 3QL  [my first gig in a chuch! MY CHURCH! and in Harringay!]

September 22nd, Saturday2PM (ish) Slutwalk 2012  Rally, Trafalgar Square  [maybe there will even be a samba band]

September 25th Tuesday7.30PM hosting the School of Oriental and African Studies Freshers Week Spoken Word Night/ Launch of SOAS Spoken Word Society, Junior Common Room, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square  London, Greater London WC1H 0XG  [featuring myself, Matt Cummins and Errol McGlashan + open mic]

October 2nd, Tuesday 8PM hosting Hammer and Tongue Hackney with Angry Sam, [featuring the  ludicrous Rob Auton] at The Victoria Pub, 451 Queensbridge Road  London, Greater London E8 3AS

October 5th, Friday 7.30PM featuring at the Farrago Autumn Slam, RADA Foyer Bar, Malet Street, WC1 [alongside Katie Bonna, Rachel Pantechnicon, Jasmine Cooray and Donald Chegwin & Dudley Sutton]


New article

I met this really cool poet Kassandra Gordon at a gig in this squatted garden centre and she liked my stuff so she did this interview with me. She runs a jewellery business inspired by poetry and interviews various spoken word artists on the website. Here, I try and explain Peranakanism, rant about Asian-American female law prof representation, and go on about the terrapin shells of my childhood. If that sort of thing appeals to you, the interview is here.

End of summer, start of awesomeness….

hello world, still alive! just back from Edinburgh which was a massive mindfuck, in other words a hugely amazing/learning/inspiring/growing experience. I got twitter (in spite of my best intentions) because I was told it would be useful, performed 9 gigs and 6 shows, gave out too many flyers (but not enough?) in the rain, carried around a  massive sign saying ‘LOOK AT MY MASSIVE SIGN’ from the South of England to Edinburgh, around the city, to a forest, to the Waveform festival and back again, made people smile. More importantly, met an amazing number of inspiring poets and performers, many feminists, and realised I want to take this poetry thing more seriously. Also, got to be part of a sweet all-female spoken word cabaret Other Voices arranged by Fay Roberts of Cambridge Hammer and Tongue fame.

Oh yeah, and got reviewed…only 3 stars but they said I was  ‘compelling’ and ‘a very clever lady’ (er…).

Here’s the Review by Broadway Baby: 

Came back in time for the Hammer and Tongue Hackney Final where I was the only woman up against 5 guys. Came in 2nd runner up, but it was one of the most fun slams I’ve been to, and all the other poets there were pretty much mind-blowing and it was an honour to perform against Lionheart, David Lee Morgan, Richard Purnell, Curious, and Gilbert Francois. Felt almost like a reunion of friends (yes thats a terrible phrase but this is not my computer).