dude, we’re getting published!

Two of my poems, Satellites and  Singapore I’m Changing Our Status to Complicated,  are going to be published in Singapore’s first anthology of  women’s writing,  put together by this brilliant feminist arts collective based in Singapore (but welcoming artists from around the world) called Etiquette.

Find out more about them here  http://www.etiquette.sg/.

And here…. http://www.etiquette.sg/ii/blog_entry/body_boundaries_the_etiquette_anthologies_volume_1

Also, two of my poems are now up online on this political blog, http://criminonymous.wordpress.com/


Finally, a random quote that I’m going to use at some point

Him:  ‘Theorizing Diaspora’ ? What’s that book about?

Me:   Its a nerdy way of trying to figure out why people move from one country to another.

Him:  Don’t they move from country to country because they want to move?

Me:  Well, then you also have to figure out what they do and what they create after they move somewhere else.


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