of pipes and bedtime stories

or, Video of Self Awkwardly Holding Laptop and Winning Farrago History Slam at Steampunk Opium Wars Night at The National Maritime Museum On 16 February with Poem About Not Saying No.

video credits go to the amazing Anna Chen who wrote an entire steampunk-styled poetry/play/opera about the Opium Wars. Imperialism! Drugs! Orientalism! Global Hegemony! Capitalism! Leather! Was a brilliant night. More on this later when I have finished writing an international law essay about, er…NATO and unilateral force…more of the same really….

Anna Chen blogs at www.madammiaow.blogspot.com.


1 thought on “of pipes and bedtime stories

  1. A well-deserved victory, Stephanie. As you say, it’s still with us in different forms. Even the spoon of sugar that goes into a simple cup of tea. Now what a story that is. I may do that one for my next show. I wonder if Tate would sponsor … heh!

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