Upcoming Gigs for February…

***JUST WON THE HACKNEY HAMMER AND TONGUE FEBRUARY SLAM ON FEBRUARY 7!  Shout out to all the people who were there, like Dizraeli, Anthony Joseph the two mind-blowing features; Angry Sam, Ray Antrobus, Gilbert Francois, and all the people from SOAS who have been to India….***
  • 9 February, Thursday: Calm a Llama Down Debut Night (on the open mic), 8PM
KAFF 64-68 Atlantic Road, BRIXTON, SW9 8PY
  • 20 February,  Monday: Chill Pill,  6PM

Soho Theatre


  • 23February, Thursday: SOAS LGBTQ Open Mic, 8PM

SOAS JCR, Russell Square, 33 Thornhaugh Street, WC10XH


  • 24 February Friday: Farrago Heartbreaker Slam, 7.30PM-10.30PM
RADA Foyer Bar, Malet St, London, United Kingdom

…more details soon!

Also, I have been accepted for a 50 minutes one-woman show for the PBH’s Free Fringe Festival in Edinburgh this year. Will start blogging about the whole writing/creation process soon, ie. Will I Write and Memorize Fifty Minutes of Poetry About Myself Before August?

The proposal I sent says it has something to do with alternative histories, colonialism, post-colonialism,  the Experience of Me Coming to London. There will be at least one poem about British colonial officials meeting legendary characters, like a Mythical Mousedeer, the hero Sang Kancil of Malayan Folklore. I am not entirely sure what this will evolve into or what the whole thing will look like in the end. Maybe I will look back on this and laugh. Or not.

So keep checking back. Or will this be just an excuse to put a really tiny deer on my blog……

this is a mousedeer. now imagine this guy fighting crocodiles and starting a Southeast Asian Kingdom!

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